Successful grants in 2018

1. Huntingdon County Conservation District 
The focus of this demonstration to help livestock producers consider grazing and allowing the cattle to harvest the cover crops instead of turning them under.
Mixes may include:

  1.  Cow pea, sorghum/sudan, pearl millet, sunflower, rape, radish sun hemp

  2. BMR grazing corn, cow pea

  3. Sorghum/sudan, rape

  4. Oats, rap/turnip, Italian ryegrass, crimson clover 

2.  Armstrong County Conservation District cooperating with Penn State Extension in Butler and Armstrong Counties
The focus will be mixes beneficial to corn, the crop to be planted following the cover crop.Planned are mixes that scavenge and cycle nitrogen.Five farmers in Butler and Armstrong Counties will participate.Planning is underway for the plantings and field day.

3. Bradford County Conservation District
The focus will be to show planting different cover crops to achieve different goals in this northern PA climate.The Conservation District has purchased a highboy interseeder that will be used in 5 counties in PA and three counties in NY.Planning is underway for seedings and field days.

4. PSU Extension Perry County and Juniata County
The focus in this ridge and valley region is on limestone soils and less productive shale soils.The plan is to show various specie cover crops that have been no-tilled in rotation with the application being uses of forages for a conventional dairy production system.Planning is underway for seedings and field days.

The Keystone Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) offered an exciting opportunity to further the goals of soil and water conservation through the promotion of cover crops.

Application is ongoing.   Amounts award $250.   Awards determined by executive committee.  Apply here


The Keystone Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society offered two $500 scholarships to college undergraduate students in the fields of agriculture, environmental studies, soils, or natural resources, who are currently attending college in Pennsylvania.  Applicants should have sophomore, junior, or senior status. Scholarships were awarded on the basis of a combination of academic merit and program of study, quality of the student’s essay and application, financial need, and educational and career goals that are consistent with the SWCS mission.  The SWCS strives to foster the science and art of natural resource conservation.  Our work targets conservation of soil, water, and related natural resources on working land— land which is used to produce food and fiber. SWCS also promotes other services that improve the quality of life people experience in rural and urban communities.  We work to discover, develop, implement, and improve ways to use land that sustains its productive capacity and enhances the environment. Apply here

2018 recipients of the Keystone SWCS Chapter Scholarships

Jessica Hunter and Laura La Grave. Congratulations!

Jessica Hunter from Mars, PA is a Senior at Penn State University majoring in Biological Engineering – Natural Resource Engineering.  She is very active in campus organizations and has had many employment opportunities to earn funds for college as well as to enhance her professional development in engineering.  Jessica has a keen interest in site design and stormwater management design.  We wish her well in her career. 

Laura La Grave from Lewisburg, PA is a junior non-traditional student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.  She is majoring in Horticulture/Plant Production and Horticulture/Landscape. After serving three terms with Americorps, Laura now is a volunteer at the Food  Pantry and Community Gardens and has held employment positions that support her future career.  Laura has a real interest in sustainable agriculture and local food and we also wish Laura well in her career. 
Part of this year’s scholarship was once again made possible by a generous donation from the Pennsylvania chapter of the Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE)

Mary Lloyd Smith, Chair
Scholarship Committee, Keystone Chapter, SWCS
4177 E. Main Street
Belleville, PA  17004



The Soil and Water Conservation Society has three opportunities at the international level for scholarships. The Society’s Awards Committee will evaluate and rank nominees.  Recommendations will be presented to the  Board of Directors for final approval.  Recognition of all scholarship recipients will be made at the Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference. Please visit to apply.

Please be aware that you must be a member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society for at least 1 year to apply for these scholarships.  Opportunities for scholarships are as follows:

1. Research Scholarship—made possible by Kenneth E. Grant

2. Soil Conservation Scholarship—made possible by Donald A. Williams 

3. Student Leader Conservation Scholarship—made possible by Melville H. Cohee



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